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About us

At Anton's Floors we offer you a wide range of flooring services at great prices!!!

Our Services Include:

  • Floor Sanding:We sand and polish all new, old and recycled timber flooring including decking and floating or pre- finished floors.
  • Finishes: Our finishes Include, Polyurethane, Water Base, Tung Oil, China Wood Oil (Organ Oil), Solid Oil.
  • Staining: Any flooring can be...


How To Look After Your Floors

Maintaining your new floors is an important part of the sanding and polishing process, as this will prolong the life of your floors. Here are a few tips and rules to follow during and after the process. Leave the area free from open windows to avoid dust particles Do not walk on the floor for at least 4-8hrs after completion for water based Polyurethane and 24-48 hours for solvent based Polyurethane or any oil application. If access is required please test the floor by touch and only attempt to walk on the floor with socks When moving furniture into the area please do not drag and only lift all furniture Do not wet/wash floor for at least 30 days in the cooler months of June, July & August for all water based Polyurethane floors Placing mats at all entrances will lessen the chance of any stones or dirt being brought onto the floor, creating a sand paper effect The use of felt pads under all furniture legs, especially chairs will help prevent scratching and should be changed frequently. Clean the floor when necessary using the correct floor cleaners specified for your floor finish and ensure the mop is damp and not wet Use an anti-static dust mop to collect dust and dirt. If a vacuum cleaner is used, make sure that the head has brushes rather than exposed metal, as this is likely to scratch the floor. Keep heels in good repair as an unprotected tip will dent any hardwood floor. Large pets may find it difficult to stop on a wooden floor and their nails can cause scratching. Keeping their nails trimmed short if possible off the floor for the first month will lessen the chance of this happening. Never use household dust treatments. Do not use wax on solvent or water based Polyurethane floors. For scuffing and stubborns stains, use Polycare scuff remover. Your floor finish should last you anywhere between 5 and 10 years, however ensure that you check floors for wear and tear throughout this period. A buff and an additional coat when you see signs of wear through will preserve your timber and keep it looking fabulous without too much fuss.


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