How Australian Car Hire Companies Use Social Media

The use of social media today can catapult any business to success. This has been tested and proven the reason a growing number of businesses have recognized the value of these social networking sites. Even car rental companies are now using these platforms to promote their services.

A report by Sensis e-Business showed that the number of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that used both the internet and social media notably Facebook went up by 17 percent since 2010. The survey found that among the 1,808 businesses covered, majority or 92 percent were connected to the internet.

Australians are among the world’s top social media users and many business owners down under are tapping the different social platforms as a way to reach out to and engage with their customers. They acknowledge the fact that being on social media is one of the most effective ways of gaining leads and converting visitors to customers at no cost. It connects businesses with the right audience and allows them to interact with fans and visitors in real time.

Various car hire companies in Australia are also harnessing the power of social media. Many have Facebook and Twitter pages where they can be reached by customers who are active internet users.

Researchers have found that car rental businesses are finding ways to make car-hire experience easier for their customers. They are not only improving customer service in their physical branches but as well as online and through mobile apps.

The online route has been considered by many entrepreneurs as an effective way of letting customers save time and effort when making their reservations such as those for car rentals. Surveys have noted that more car-hire groups are integrating their social media pages with their website where people can find more information, photos and videos of the company’s services. Some have even created video channels on YouTube to establish their brand and increase visibility on the social world.

A 2011 survey done by EyeforTravel, social media has become a vital marketing channel for travel companies. The study showed that marketing on social media (20 percent) is among the top three marketing channels today following search engine marketing at 29 percent and email marketing at 28 percent.

The forecast is that 62 percent of the population in Australia including small businesses will continue to use social media especially Facebook moving onwards.

About the Author:

Elizabeth is a social media strategist who constantly uses Expedia when planning her trips abroad.