Aussie Consumers Want E-tailers to be Mobile-Friendly

Australians are known to be open to technology for use not only in their daily lives but even in running their business. It is not surprising then that they are among the world's top users of mobile devices which include smartphones and tablets.

In the retail industry, experts are seeing a growing number of entrepreneurs utilizing mobile technologies to meet the needs of their customers. Mobile devices, in particular, are most popular owing to the convenience they provide to people. Being portable, consumers can bring them anywhere they go and do various tasks including financial transactions using their handheld device.

Majority of Aussie online retailers today have been found to be selling through mobile devices. This development was revealed by the Forrester Research group during the recent Online Retailer Conference & E-Commerce Expo. Forrester found that the rate has grown since 2010. Two years ago, there were only 16 percent of Australian retail professionals selling via mobile and 39 percent in 2011. This year, however, the figure was up to 55 percent which experts say is a significant development.

The research group pointed out that a major factor in the increase is the high demand from consumers many of whom prefer to buy their products today while they're on the move. For this reason, mobile technology has become a top investment priority among retailers even exceeding the e-commerce platform.  

Among retailers that sell via mobile devices nowadays, the survey by Forrester showed that 49 percent said mobile sites were a top priority in their investment list for the coming year. Among other entrepreneurs, the 54 percent of multichannel retailers and 29 percent of pureplays claimed mobile sites were on top of their technology investment list.

Despite this positive signs, however, the experts said retail professionals still need to utilize mobile technologies in other areas of their business. Apart from the purchasing aspect which most currently focus on, business owners need to take into account the value of ecommerce mobile in the areas of marketing and customer service. Currently, only five percent are using data from mobile usage to understand the shopping behavior of their customers.  

By utilizing and analyzing data captured from online transactions done via mobile devices, entrepreneurs today can get a good idea of the demographics, geographical locations and buying habits of their consumers. And if they find time to do this on a regular basis, they can come up with much better marketing strategies to maintain customer loyalty and attract more buyers.  

About the guest author:
Morris is involved in research and writes for blogs and news agencies on a freelance basis. He is proud that Australian business owners are keeping up with retail technology including sage retail.