The Rise of the Extreme Sports Business in Australia

Extreme sports are all about engaging in physical activity that present inherent danger to the participant. Also known as action sports, aggro sports, and adventure sports, extreme sports gained traction mainly in the 1990s - thanks to marketing companies who jumped on the chance to get the attention of 'adrenaline junkies'.

And when it comes to extreme sports, Australia is one of the leaders in the arena. Truth be told, Australia has one of the best sports programs in general. Not only are there many Australians who love to engage in extreme sports, but entrepreneurs are also active in perpetrating the lifestyle. And yes, any extreme sports enthusiast will tell you that it is not just all about sport, but that it is a lifestyle.

From a business perspective, it is very interesting to take a look at some of the brands that have tested the Australian extreme sports waters and succeeded. Read on and draw inspiration as you wish.

There is Penny Australia, which has built a solid foundation on the penny board. The idea was born out of the passion of Ben Mackay, who has been passionate about skateboarding from a very young age. Today, Penny is known for its high quality plastic skateboards that offer a lot of fun - and adventure. Their products have made many an enthusiast happy, so much so that the company now ships overseas!

Then there’s Billabong, perhaps the most iconic Australian sports gear companies in the world. Founded in 1973, the company has been providing apparel and accessories to surfers. They have even expanded to the point where the company buys other brands. With the quality and designs of Billabong’s products - not to mention the cool factor, even people who do not engage in extreme sports become customers.

Additionally, international companies have turned their eyes on extreme sports as well, in an effort to support the activity. Red Bull, whilst not a local business, is neck deep into extreme sports.

To be sure, these are only a couple of brands that have made the Australians proud, but the extreme sports sector continues to gain traction in the country - and abroad. In fact, there is a very useful map of extreme sports sites in the country, which interested parties can put to good use.

If you are looking at a business idea relating to the extreme sports industry, there is no better time than now to do something about it.