Types Of Courier Services

There are many different types of courier services to suit the needs of businesses and individuals across the country. Transporting goods and information is often critical in terms of timing, security and correct delivery location, which is why couriers are such an in-demand and essential service.

For those people who use courier services frequently, or even just when you want to ensure the cost-effective and timely delivery of your package, it helps to know the different types of services that couriers offer. While not all couriers will offer all of these services, with the large number of services across the country you are sure to find a courier that will suit you with the help of Business.com.au.

We have organised some common courier services into the following categories to help you understand the courier services out there available to you or your business. Check out the following courier services below.


On-Board Courier

Aside from chartering a plane, an on-board courier is the most expensive and in depth courier service. While being extremely expensive, these types of couriers are often necessary when items of extreme importance need to travel (often internationally). This could be the case for things such as medical cargo (such as organs needed for a transplant), critical parts or tools or sensitive business or legal information.


Personal Courier Services

This type of courier is often used in big cities or over relatively short distances. They can carry a range of cargo from super-sensitive or delicate material to standard office documents and files. Often, these types of couriers will be used in large companies with complex mail systems to ensure that a package reaches the right person in a timely manner.

In some cases, these couriers are also bike couriers in that they use a motorbike or pushbike to navigate between locations quickly. However, they may also use typical transport such as cars, vans and trucks.


Same Day Courier Services

Same day courier services are often available for locations within a reasonable distance of the sender. It’s normally items of an urgent or delicate nature that are sent through a same day courier service, and this category may carry over to the personal courier service, but not necessarily if a longer distance is covered. Obviously, this type of courier service comes at an additional price.


Overnight Courier Services

Many couriers offer overnight delivery services to certain destinations. These are often cheaper than the courier services listed above, but can be more expensive than standard courier services. The destinations offered vary, but many couriers can cover a large distance in this time. Typically a courier network will take care of your package, and normally conditions apply such as a cut-off time to put packages in for this service.


Standard Courier Services

Standard courier services are the most familiar and commonly used type of service for individuals and businesses. While typically timely, these services are not normally as fast as other courier services, and they are priced appropriately for this purpose. With most courier services requiring a signature of receipt and the ability to track your package, it offers security and timely delivery that regular mail often can’t provide.


Back Loads and Part Loads Courier Services

This type of courier service is often beneficial for businesses that rely on frequent delivery of items from a courier. This system operates on a commonsense delivery system that operates less on the idea of urgency but can save the business money while often still delivering a positive result.

In this case, packages are delivered either when the courier is visiting an area anyway such as in the case of someone else ordering a same day delivery service. Items to be delivered simply wait until the courier is travelling a particular direction. If a certain timeframe elapses, the items may be delivered anyway.

For example, a mechanic may order parts supply from a courier, but instead of paying a premium price for immediate delivery, they wait until another business or individual orders courier services in their area. When that happens, the courier delivers their parts too as part of their journey. There may be a clause that if the part is not delivered in a week, the parts are shipped anyway.


Understanding the different types of courier services will help you and your business pick the best courier option for your situation. This saves both time and money and ensures you are happy with your package delivery arrangement. Use Business.com.au the next time you need courier services.


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