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Cloth nappies are a range of washable, reusable nappies that saves money and saves the environment...


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Bean Sprout Bubba.

Liz ,
Hi, Just thought I would send a message to say how much I appreciate the prompt posting of the baby beehind night nappies I ordered recently! You are a life saver. I have the baby beehind multifits my baby being only 2 1/2mths old at the time managed to wet thru them even with a night booster in them! Bad enough in itself, but the only way I could get him to sleep the 2nd half of the night (as he was very unsettled from reflux) was to nap holding him upright in recliner so it was me getting wet not his bassinette! lol. But since ive started using them we have had dry nights every night! (& he is getting better at sleepin in bassinette). Thankyou soo much!! Liz (Apr 2010)
Jade , WA
Hi Rebecca, I received the new sprayer today. I just wanted to thank you for the trouble you have gone too.  So thankyou! Kind regards, Jade -WA (Mar 2010)
Lisa , TSI
Hi, i told you the post service up here is slow, its shocking. My covers arrived today and they look great. I have a bunch of *other brand* nappies and they leak almost every time (gutted) so heres hoping the good old terry towelling and covers work. Thanks, Lisa - Torres Strait, FNQ (Mar 2010, BBH PUL covers)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many types of nappies, which one would be the right one for my baby?

Firstly, think about your lifestyle and personal preferences.

1. Budget options for a newborn who needs 30+ nappies?
Backup options in bad weather?

==SOLUTION: Choose bamboo trifolds/prefolds, fold into thirds to make a pad and place inside a nappy cover. Simple, cheap to set up, and dries quickly. The trifolds can then be used as pocket nappy stuffers when baby grows bigger.

2. Want convenience over cost?
Or a quick change for a wriggly baby/going out?
Or an easy nappy for carers/nannies/day care?

==SOLUTION: Then choose a pocket nappy or All-In-Two, just stuff it beforehand and it’s ready to go. Or use an All-in-One nappy, the ultimate in convenience!

3. Need extra absorbancy?
Or need the assurance of a leak proof & poo-proof nappy system for younger babies?

==SOLUTION: Choose a fitted nappy + nappy cover system. The whole fitted nappy is absorbant, and the double elastics of the fitted and cover acts as two lines of defense in leak proofing your nappy.

How do I wash cloth nappies?

Washing cloth nappies is as simple as doing a normal load of laundry in the washing machine.
There is no need to soak nappies if you own a modern washing machine, they are much more efficient in cleaning nappies than olden models.
NOTE: These instructions are not meant for WOOL nappy items! Please check the wool laundry instructions instead in 'Use & Care' :)

1. After changing baby, wet nappies can go straight into a dry pail to be stored until wash day.
Any solids should be scraped or rinsed into the toilet before storing in a dry pail.

2. When the pail is full, toss all the nappies into the washing machine.
Nappies that have a velcro closures would need them to be attached to laundry tabs to prevent 'nappy chains' from forming in the machine!

3. Run a pre-rinse cycle using cold water.

4. Then run a full wash cycle, using a safe detergent*. (recommend 40-60ºC)

5. Line dry in the sun** (preferred) or use the dryer.

*A safe detergent is a simple one: no bleaching agents, no fabric softeners, no enzymes, no optical brighteners, nothing but pure detergent-y goodness :)
**Sunlight is a natural stain remover and sanitizer (kills germs and bacteria).

How many nappies should I have?

The more the better, they last longer this way (LOL)

While the above is true, I usually recommend the following numbers for people wanting to use cloth either part-time or full-time.

To wash every day: (estimated number of nappies per day) x 2
To wash every other day: (estimated number of nappies per day) x 3

For full-time use:
- Newborn to about 3-4 months: at least 12 nappies per day, more if your baby wets or poos a lot
To wash every day: 12 x 2 = 24 nappies
To wash every other day: 12 x 3 = 36 nappies

- for an older baby (4-5 months to toddlerhood): at least 5-6 nappies per day, with 1-2 night-time nappies if sleeping through
To wash every day:
6 day nappies x 2 = 12 day nappies;
1 night nappy x 2 = 2 night nappies

To wash every other day:
6 day nappies x 3 =18 day nappies;
1 night nappy x 3 = 3 night nappies

For part-time use on an older baby:
- day-time: at least 4-6 nappies per day (recommend changing every 2-3 hours for good hygiene).
- night-time: 1-2 nappies per night.



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