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Motivations Speaker Master Mind NLP Expert Practitioner. Corporate Business, Management, Sales Teams, Leaders. Be Brilliant Now. Reduce Your Stress and Increase Your Fun!

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Do You Feel As If You May Still Be Playing It Small and Safe in Some Way? Be Brilliant Now Gives You The Tools You Need To Succeed In Personal and Professional Business Life.

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Julie Anne Black
Position: Business Owner
Year Joined: 2006
Profile: Julie–Anne Black is the Mindset Strategist. Being one of Australia's most dynamic motivational speakers, and renowned experts in mind mastery and body language, if you want success then Jewells will demonstrate how you can master your mind and create the spectacular.


Who Uses A Life Coach

People from all walks of life have benefited from the skills of a professional coach. Think about it: Anyone dedicated to achieving more from themselves and the world around them employs a coach and/or mentor to keep them on top of their game. Without one you may never reach your peak. In fact you may not even know which peak you are climbing! be brilliant now can help you turn your mountains into molehills!

What is Life Training

Coaching focuses on what's important to you, identifying your goals, developing strategies and aligning your thoughts, words and actions accordingly. Where were you 5 years ago? Where are you now? Where do you want to be tomorrow or 10 years from now? This provides meaning and direction to create the pathway for you to move forward.A be brilliant now coach listens, asks questions, shares what they hear, and challenges your thinking in such a way that you discover new possibilities and opportunities to create the transformation you're seeking. We'll celebrate with you and hold you accountable and responsible for your actions, reactions and results.The more we put ourselves beyond our comfort zones the more we create the perfect opportunity to grow. You are the expert in your life not us, you know the areas that you want to improve and accelerate to the next level, our job is to be your guide to help you access that excellence.You get to create and realise a life that is achievable and free from judgment.

What is NLP Training

neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is about noticing patterns about how we communicate with ourselves and the world around us. It explains how we process the information that comes into us from the outside world.NLP is also the process of modeling excellence. We believe that by recreating someone's beliefs, values, internal dialogue, physiology (internal and external), you too can create the same results of excellence. In NLP, we are more interested in 'how' you think instead of 'what' you think.Think about it:Neuro - is the mind and how we thinkLinguistic - is how we use language to interpret and communicate to ourselves and the outside worldProgram - is how we sequence our behaviours and actions to create our outcomesSo when you identify how you do a certain behavior you are then able to change it accordingly. Have you ever repeatedly done something that limits you and wondered why you continue to do the same thing time and again? Through NLP you can release and change unwanted behaviors in a heartbeat.NLP is about experimentation and exploration to create your desired results. And if a technique doesn't get the desired results try another way. NLP is the observation of how you achieve or don't achieve the outcome you want. What are your habitual patterns?Transform the way you communicate. Become an NLP Practitioner today.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by BE BRILLIANT NOW.

""I have worked with Julie-Anne over quite a few months and never experienced such personal insight and growth. With Julie-Anne's careful and loving guidance, my life has moved profoundly. She nurtured my heart, challenged my mind, questioned my assumptions and offered me her wisdom. Coaches are everywhere. Great coaches are rare and Julie-Anne is in the realm of the truly amazing!."
Caroline Parkes, from Richmond Vic
"On behalf of the Barry Plant "Professional Women in Real Estate" I would like to thank you for speaking with warmth and enthusiasm at our April an August luncheons for 2010. You manages to touch an audience of 60 ladies of all different ages who hold various positions within their respective Barry Plant office. We appreciate the effort it takes to connect with an audience in a short amount of time and you managed this on a professional and personal level. We have since received exceptionally positive feedback from the ladies who attended these luncheons. Thank you Julie-Anne for motivating us, helping us put things into perspective, encouraging us to let go of our "baggage" and brightening up the day with your wonderful smile which adds vibrancy to your work. Again, on behalf of our Professional Women in Real Estate network, thank you."
Elizabeth O'Neill from Barry Plant
"Thank you! An absolutely fantastic and soulful journey. To anyone considering in investing in themselves and their future... you need look no further... Julie Anne Black and the team at "Be Brilliant Now" are well equipped to assist with your individual journey. Julie-Anne Black brings her smile, zest for life, and commitment to coaching, to a level I have never experienced before. At all times during my training and journey I felt I was in safe hands, and the discoveries made are well worth the investment. May you cherish the opportunity to be coached by a most amazing, colourful and loving soul. For training with a heart ... you need look no further.""
Alex Gonzalez - Business Owner from Mulgrave Vic
""Julie-Anne was inspiring, confident and presented a terrific course! I felt that everything we learnt was relevant to my experiences and the practical ideas and processes taught were easy to do once the course was complete. A huge thank you for your inspired guidance!""
Sasha Nederpelt - Teacher from East Melbourne
"This training showed me how to be more confident in who I am. That inner peace gives peace to others. Be happy with where you are at and appreciate the people in your life and show them with your body language.""
Karen Campara - Office Admin from Greensborough Vic


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