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Through our service you can experience the real “backyard BBQ” with a BRAZILIAN STYLE CUISINE. We cater for all events and functions from finger food to full dining.

Brazilian Spit Roast & Catering is devoted to serving mouth-watering tasty food in the comfort of your chosen surroundings be it your home or a venue of your choice we make it a friendly environment for all your guests to enjoy.

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What is Brazilian Spit Roast?

The Brazilian BBQ (called CHURRASCO and pronounced  choo- has- ko) is a traditional method of cooking meat was developed hundreds of years ago in both the Southern areas of Brazil and South America. Wild cattle roamed over the border from Argentina onto the vast plains in Southern Brazil where the Gauchos (cowboys) who tendered the cattle developed their own style of cooking meat. Large cuts of beef were threaded onto long metal swords or skewers which were supported by metal rods over the hot embers. The beef was covered in rock salt and cooked over the charcoal fires slowly to retain the moisture and flavor while the Gauchos relaxed after a long day in the saddle driving their cattle. When the beef was cooked it was sliced from the skewers onto the plates for eating and the result was the most beautiful tasting beef imaginable. The beef that is used for the barbecues is called PICANHA a very special tender cut of rump steak that is ideal for this type of cooking. Over time this traditional method of cooking beef has been expanded to include chicken, chicken hearts and specialty flavored Brazilian sausages. All meats are served with side dishes of rice, beans and a lovely variety of tasty and appetizing salads.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Brazilian Spit Roast and Catering.

Brazilian Spit Roast and Catering
"The Team at Brazillian Spit Roast were great, they were helpful and obliging and went beyond to also help with the hire of tables, chairs and other items. The food was excellent, I had some tough South American Critics to impress and all went away raving about the quality of the food.There was more than enough food for everyone and the team on the night quietly went about their business ,which was a godsend! I would highly recommend them, Thanks, Fabiana, Russell, Thiago and Juliana.""
Dianne Gamboa
Brazilian Spit Roast and Catering
""Alex's 1st Birthday celebration was a huge success, thanks to the Brazilian Spit Roast.With a tough crowd to please, there was nothing but huge compliments all round on the food.Everybody was going for seconds and thirds, with still plenty of food left over.My guests all walked away with your contact details and will definitely be sureto consider Brazilian Spit Roast & Catering for their next function.Thank you Fabiana, Russell and the staff of BSR for your expert service and superbly finger-licking good food.I know I will definitely be having you guys round again for my next function.Cheers!""
Brazilian Spit Roast and Catering
""Hi we would like to thank you so much the food and service was sensational.So many of our guests commented how fantastic the food was.Just like to know what the plate of seasoning was for the meat.I had a lot of comments about it. Thank you to Russell and the other gentleman.I'm sorry I didn't get his name, they were fantastic.Look forward to hiring you again for our next function.""
Linda & Mick
Brazilian Spit Roast and Catering
""Dear Fabiana, I would like to thank Brazilian Spit Roast for the fantastic night we had in relation to catering at Peter's 50th birthday.We loved the BBQ, salads and the professionalism of Russell and Thiago put on the night. Everything went seamless. I highly recommend your services and will for sure hire you again. Thank you!!!""
Gizelle & Peter


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