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Woodrising Natural Learning Centre Inc. is a not for profit organisation that has been managed by community members since 1989.
80 Haydenbrook Rd, Woodrising NSW 2284
Also Services: Woodrising
Empowering Future Generations
22 Erica St, Springvale VIC 3171
Also Services: Springvale
Online video lessons in Maths and English K - 12. All lessons according to Australian Currriculum Guidelines.
23A Small St, Hampton VIC 3188
St Thomas Primary School 8 Warden St, Claremont WA 6010

Primary Education

Primary education in Australia is designed to provide students with general education, preparing them for higher forms of education. This likewise aims to instil in children traits that may make them valuable citizens of the community.

Primary education in Australia is a compulsory education. This is the first stage of compulsory education in all states and territories of Australia. It is at this stage that children are first taught to achieve basic literacy and numeracy abilities. It is also at this stage that children are introduced to history, science, geography, social sciences and many other subjects.

Primary education is provided in most schools. Students are placed in classes under the supervision of teachers who are responsible for their welfare and education for a particular school year. Once children have passed this stage, they move on to higher levels of education.

Primary education provides students and their teachers to build a close relationship with their teachers and peers. It is at this stage that children learn to be more interactive with others.

For more information on the different primary education schools in Australia, check out the entries listed in this directory. You may also contact any of the primary education establishments listed here for enquiries and other related matters.