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Business Warns On Costs Of Going Green

Wednesday December 17, 2008
AUSTRALIA'S top business body has called for a reality check on the Federal Government's carbon emissions target, saying that even a 5 per cent cut will require substantial economic restructuring.

Backers Mean Business

Wednesday December 17, 2008
LAST year Wollongong's business community responded to the call to save the Hawks.

Green Business Is Good Business

Saturday December 6, 2008
A SIGNIFICANT expansion of a Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW (DECC) program which has helped NSW business save close to 6000 tonnes of greenhouse gases and $3.9 million in the 18 months to June 2008 is planned in the Hunter Region.

Peoplecare Builds On Success

Tuesday December 2, 2008
BEHIND every good business there are good people, and that's one of the factors that helped Wollongong-based health insurer Peoplecare win Business of the Year at the Integral Energy Illawarra Business Awards.

Business Person Of The Year

Tuesday December 2, 2008
Telstra Country Wide's Rod Young and Pat Nolan presented the Business Person of the Year award to Edmen Group's Eddy De Gabriele (centre). Eddy was acknowledged as a man who matches his words with actions, overseeing a group of businesses that does not compromise on quality. He is a leader, a marketer, an innovator and someone who has a deep passion for his community, his people and his family. Eddy has already established a wonderful legacy of service to the disabled.

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