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We are a Specialist Company who are dedicated to solving Pest Problems,our Pest Management Service offers the highest level of Protection to the Food, Non-Food Industries, Warehouses,Hotels and Residential Properties.
Whether it is a termite, rodent, or ant, the sight of the pests scurrying your living zone sends shiver down your spine. Pests found at home or in business locations always leave a negative impact in the surrounding places. However you try to kill the harmful pests by using your own methods, you... Read More...

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Do I need to wash everything after the treatment?

There is no need to wash utensils or surfaces once the treatment is carried out.

Is the treatment guaranteed?

No, it's not guaranteed, but a 3 months warranty is given.

Will I see cockroaches, spiders or ants after the treatment?

Yes, it's possible that insects may wonder in from outside. Chances are that they will have crossed treated areas and will die shortly after.

Will the gel / paste that is applied to the inside of cupboards contaminate my food?

No it will not. The gel / paste is only applied to areas where insects congregate or harbour, like cracks, crevices or hinges.

What if I touch areas that have been sprayed?

Sprayed areas are of some concern while still wet. But once the carrier, which is water from the tap, has evaporated, the active constituent adheres to the surfaces and will not contaminate or harm you. Should you get in contact while it's still wet though, wash with soap and plenty of water as soon as possible.

My child suffers from asthma. Is it safe to stay?

To avoid triggering an asthma attack, we recommended that he/she is not present while the treatment is carried out, and preferably stays away from the premises overnight.

Is it safe to stay in my premises while you spray?

It's safe, but we recommend that you vacate your premises while the treatment is carried out and to ventilate the rooms thoroughly after completion for 3 hours before settling back in.

Will the spray affect humans?

No, it will not affect you. The chemicals we apply are registered to be used in hospitals, schools and public places.

Will the spray you use stain my carpet?

No, the emulsion we spray does not stain. It's a water based residual spray that doesn't contain strong solvents which might affect colouring or finishes.

What do I need to do prior to the Pest Control treatment?

Access to room edges is necessary to spray along skirtings. Therefore clothing articles, magazines, toys etc. should be moved off the ground. All food items should be cleared from bench and table tops.

Is my cat / dog safe?

There is no concern to the safety of animals since the amount of active constituent that they may take in, either by contact while it's wet or by ingesting it orally, is very small.

Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards?

No, it's not necessary to empty cupboards as we apply a gel to areas where cockroaches nest or harbour. No liquid sprays are applied to these areas.


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Chambers Pest Solutions
"Really helpful!!"
Natasha Gardiner from Maylands
Chambers Pest Solutions
"Was very impressed with Chambers efficiency and professionalism. "
Charmaine Coulston from South Perth
Chambers Pest Solutions
"What a good experience. Inspector was early and very thorough. "
Jono Boswell from Greenmount
Chambers Pest Solutions
"Excellent service and will recommend to other people "
Marnee Nolan from Bicton
Chambers Pest Solutions
"Excellent service by (probably) Perth's best Pest Control!"
Dave Forster from Seville Grove
Chambers Pest Solutions
"Excellent service and very prompt with supplying invoice and inspection report."
Mark Runge from Ballajura
Chambers Pest Solutions
"John provided a very professional efficent service. He explained the report findings in easy to understand language and was able to provide information about how to avoid future problems."
Kaylene Cole from Hamersley
Chambers Pest Solutions
"I dealt directly with the proprietor and he was friendly and helpful"
Conswella Fawkes from Maylands
Chambers Pest Solutions
"John even called to say he would be a little late and he gave advice on how to combat the problem in future."
Andrew Hall from Carlisle
Chambers Pest Solutions
"Excellent Service would use again"
Craig Irvine from Beeliar
Chambers Pest Solutions
"John was fabulous. He was quick to respond, answered all of my questions, rang me to advise that he would be a little late and followed up with me. Excellent service."
Sharon Milevski from Ballajura


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