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Chatterton Lacework the place for lace and building products.

Products manufactured and distributed by Chatterton Lacework include the Kookaburra range of letterboxes. These letterboxes are traditional styles and are available in a range of powder-coated colours.

Other products include wrought-iron components marketed under the trading name of Victorian...


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What is Balustrade Lacework?

To understand what balustrade lacework is you first need to understand what a balustrade and lacework are. A balustrade is used for safety to stop people from falling over a balcony, deck, off stairs, and so forth. Lacework is available in decorative panels, and it can also refer to the decorative corners and friezes that go underneath the eaves of a veranda. Therefore, balustrade lacework refers to decorative panels that are used in a railing to provide a very attractive feature that is also safe.  Balustrade lacework is generally used outside the home in safety railings. The lacework is available in a huge range of designs. Custom designs are not readily available, but if you want to replace a panel of your existing lacework, you may be able to take the panel to a professional and have them replicate the design. Balustrade lacework is available in a huge range of colours, and it is generally powder coated, making it very durable and long lasting Balustrade lacework is generally made from aluminium but it can also be made from wrought or cast iron. Aluminium lacework is practically maintenance free. You can have the lacework professionally installed or you can choose to install it yourself. Lacework is popular with Victorian style homes but it can be used in many different styles of homes as it depends on the actual lacework pattern that you use. Many styles of lacework are suitable for use on more modern homes  .  


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Chatterton Lacework
"17/12/2014 Gary from Chatterton Lacework provided outstanding service.It all started with Gary allowing me into the showroom outside his normal trading hours.Garys advise on selecting the best suited laceworkfor our Victorian home was excellent.This also ensured I had the correct amount of lacework for the front verandah of my home. The lacework was powdercoated to suit the colour scheme of the home.Gary also recommended a suitably qualified person to install the lacework. I highly recommend Chatterton Lacework to all people looking for lacework or decorative fences.Chatterton Lacework an excellent servive and the quality of the product is outstanding.        "
Paul Z from Kensington Victoria Australia , 17 December, 2014


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