Traffic Fines

Can your Traffic Fines Be Dismissed or Reduced ?

Have you ever been issued with a traffic ticket due to speeding, running a red light or any other traffic violation?
Do you have excessive unpaid parking tickets or been pulled over by a police officer for any similar violation?

Receiving a traffic ticket is so much more than a simple nuisance or fine. Too many tickets can actually put your livelihood at risk. Other than the fines that you have to pay, you also get points assessed on your driving record and If you accumulate too many points, you can possibly get a suspension of your driver’s license, Imprisonment, community service, license suspension and fines can be a result for more serious traffic violations.

Remember that when you are pulled over or booked for speeding, the incident is Alleged… not proven!

Contacting a CRIMLAW lawyer is what you need to do not to endanger your driving record, your freedom or your future. CRIMLAW accredited criminal law specialists will look for options and the necessary steps that can be taken to defend your ticket of traffic violation.

Our drink driving lawyers, traffic law specialists and accredited specialists in criminal law will give you the latest advice and the best representation.

Fighting a traffic ticket or traffic violation may mean going to court. Contact CRIMLAW before it’s too late and more serious consequences arise. Your CRIMLAW lawyer can explain your legal options concerning your case regardless of the circumstances.

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Article by

Robert Kaufmann

Robert began his career in law working for some of Sydney's top Commercial law firms. He finished his studies in Law working for a Judge where he was fortunate to be involved in many court cases where he obtained an understanding of the many complexities that affect a party in their court proceedings. From there, he realised that the defenceless needed protecting and consequently began his chosen career working as a defence lawyer.Robert started his career in law working for Legal Aid NSW ...