Weapon Offences

A weapons crime is the criminal act that involves the illegal use, sale, possession or distribution of a weapon/s. A weapons crime can be committed with weapons not prohibited by law, like a knife, and by weapons prohibited by law, like an automatic rifle, grenade, and others.

Did you know that possessing an imitation fireman is a weapons offence and that altering identification marks on a weapon is also an offence. Other weapons prohibited by law include throwing stars, crossbows, knuckledusters, thumb cuffs, nunchakus and kung fu sticks amongst many others.

Weapon offences are very serious and the courts are very harsh when handing down penalties, and being accused of committing a weapons offence must be handled by a skilled, resourceful and experienced CRIMLAW criminal defence lawyer and accredited criminal law specialist.

Weapon Crime Penalty

Most of the penalties for weapons crimes are very serious. You can be put in gaol, high fines, probation, community service, mandatory restitution to the victim, and a mark on your permanent record are things that you might face if you are sentenced of a weapons crime. Other than that, having a criminal record like a weapons offense can cripple your reputation and good standing in the community.

People who commit weapon crimes are not taken lighlty by the police. The lives and well-being of millions of people are put in danger every year, all because of these kinds of crimes. You would be forcefully questioned and prosecuted by police and prosecution lawyers once you are charged with a weapons crime.

If you or a friend or someone in your family have been charged with a weapons crime you need to contact CRIMLAW lawyers and accredited criminal law specialists who can defend you from the prosecutors and fight these charges in your best interests.

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