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GHM Services Diesel Mechanic

Address: Moby Vic's Southbound, Bruce Highway Glass House Mountains QLD 4518

Also Services: Sunshine Coast & Region

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The locally owned diesel repairs and servicing specialist you can count on, providing both mobile and worshop facilities for breakdowns, scheduled servicing and all your maintenance requirements.

Since 2006, GHM Services has been providing customers with a quality mobile diesel mechanic service. Our company director and qualified Diesel Mechanic Gengiz has over 20 years industry experience in a wide range of settings, including mining construction, road transport, agriculture and marine.

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Business Hours

Monday7am to 5pm
Tuesday7am to 5pm
Wednesday7am to 5pm
Thursday7am to 5pm
Friday7am to 5pm
Saturday7am to 3pm

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Our Team Profiles




Company Director and Qualified Diesel Mechanic


Gengiz began GHM Services in 2006 after more than 15 years working as a diesel mechanic across a range of industries. He gained his apprenticeship with William Adams Caterpillar and spent numerous years working in the mining industry in far North Queensland before permanently moving to the Sunshine Coast.




Company Director and Administration Manager


Cheney is a qualified primary school teacher who has put her former career on the backburner to help expand the family business. Her experience as a teacher has equipped her with great organisational and communication skills. Please feel free to contact Cheney in the office on 07 549 30002 for any administration or account enquiries.




Qualified Motor Mechanic


Andrew has recently joined our team after spending the last few years in the mining industry. With 24 years industry experience and a Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Fitting, Andrew brings a wealth of experience to our company. He is also licenced to undertake airconditioning installations and repairs. Gengiz has worked with Andrew on numerous occasions in the past and looks forward to his contribution to the GHM Services team.




School Based Apprentice


Rick is our school based apprentice who attends a local High School and works with us two to three days a week. Rick came to us highly recommended by his teachers and is very keen to gain his diesel mechanic trade qualifications. Gengiz has been very impressed with his maturity, keenness to learn, and initiative and feels that Rick has a great career ahead of him with our company.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by GHM Services Diesel Mechanic.

Mick Bennett from MBE Enterprises , Elimba, QLD

I own an old 1978 Ford Louieville Lnt 9000 Tipper. She’s my pride and joy, having almost restored her to original condition with a few new electrical modifications added. Gengiz and myself first crossed paths in 2007 when my front left spyder hub cracked around the bearing case and I subsequently watched tyre, rim, brake drum and remains of said spyder bounce off into the distance, as I bulldozed my way around a corner heading for 6 Mile Creek. Loaded. At 80 Kph. So...a quick change of underwear and many calls later I was put onto a character called Gengiz [pr- jenn-gizz] who quite happily came out to the black stump north of woop woop, turned the situation around for me and got her on all 6 feet again.

He has done all my work since, and still tells that story to his new customers to this day! I have run Ol’ Louie on 24hr schedules hauling asphalt, where any breakdown can have disastrous consequences. Gengiz has always kept this truck running sweetly through preventative maintenance practises and when the inevitable breakdowns did happen, as they always do in the trucking game, he was there. Rain hail or shine, night or day. But mostly at night in rain and hail.

I have been in the game for about 10 years as an owner/operator and hold complete faith in Gengiz’ impeccable standard of work and vast knowledge of useful (and useless) information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we come to you on site? Yes! We can come to you at your worksite or on the side of the road if need be in our fully equipped mobile service truck. Can some problems be solved over the phone? Yes! Sometimes problems can be solved over the phone without even needing someone to come out to you.  When you call GHM Services, you get to speak directly to a fully qualified diesel mechanic. Can we help you comply with Workplace Health & Safety requirements for the maintenence of plant and equipment? Yes!  We can provide Service Schedules and Maintenance Records to help you comply with the new Queensland Workplace Health and Safety requirements. Do we service and repair 4WDs? Yes!  If your 4WD is diesel powered we can take care of all of your servicing and repair needs.