Logan Villages Fencing & Produce

Address: 2 Centenary Place, Logan Village, QLD, 4207

Today's Opening Hours: 0:30am to 6:00am

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Website: http://www.loganvillagefencingandproduce.com.au

About us


The wide range of feeds are available at our store suitable for horses, cows and calves, sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas, kangaroos, dogs, cats, chooks, turkeys, guinea pigs, rats and mice, wild and aviary birds, reptiles and fish.

Our main suppliers include – Prydes ; Riverina ;...


Opening Hours

Monday: 8:00am  -  6:00am
Tuesday: 0:30am  -  6:00am
Wednesday: 0:30am  -  6:00am
Thursday: 0:30am  -  6:00am
Friday: 0:30am  -  6:00am
Saturday: 8:00am  -  4:00am

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Our Team

Year Joined: 0
Profile: has had extensive training and experience in the equestrian discipline, up to Olympic level, after spending three years in England and America. A great deal was learnt overseas about competition, nutrition and fitness of the horse. Ask Kirsty about feed for your horse or for advice with any problems.
Year Joined: 0
Profile: has been in the Pet industry for over twenty years, gaining a great deal of experience in nutrition, breeding and health problems of small pets. Paul is only too happy to talk to you about your pets requirements.
Year Joined: 0
Profile: has over thirty years experience in the horse industry competing at EFA events, winning two gold and two silver medals in the dressage competition at 2009 Masters Games. Wendy has previous experience in a nursery and produce store so can advise in either area


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