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Maximum insight specializes in hypnotherapy which is a very powerful tool for emotional healing, changing behavior and an effective peak performance tool.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in dealing with a range of issues, such as self esteem and confidence, stress, anxiety, panic, depression, addiction, habitual behavior, trauma, eating disorders, anger, phobias, motivation, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunctions and many physiological problems.

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Q: I live out of Canberra, do you offer LBL and PLR sessions outside the Canberra area?

A: Check the "what’s on" section of website for up to date information about my travels,. However I do on occasion attend the clients location by request in order to perform a private session for an individual or a group of individual sessions at an agreed fee that includes my travel expense. The best thing to do is contact me to discuss your specific needs. I have clients come from all over Australia and further.

Q: Do you record of the session?

A: You will find that you will be able to recall all of your session easily without the recording, however the session is recorded onto CD and I write out notes during the LBL. You will receive both within 14 days of the completed session. The reason for this is to allow the experience to settle in your current life and for you to receive additional details that you did not process during the session and debriefing.

Q: Can anyone be hypnotised?

A: Most people can, however some people take longer to deepen completely than others, that is why it is important that you have had at least one successful Hypnotherpy session or past life regression prior to an LBL. It helps the process if you allow yourself to relax and have a calm, open mind about LBL allowing yourself to trust in your intuition and the process that follows.

Q: How long does an LBL session last?

A: On average, an LBL session is 4 hours in length and sometimes longer. This includes the time spent in preparation immediately prior to the session & the debriefing at the end of the session. This is why I only schedule one LBL session a day. Please allow yourself ample recovery time before you depart for home.

Q: What’s the inter life life like?

A: The spirit world is a place of peace and compassion. It is without the human ego and therefore without the petty emotions we take so seriously here on Earth. It is something you must experience directly in order to understand and appreciate it. With saying that you will also find that there is allot of homour there.

Q: Can I ask questions during the LBL session?

A: You can ask questions at council and I recommend you write a list of up to 7 questions down so that I can remind you once there, as people tend to get overwhelmed by the awe of it and forget to ask. This is a list of the most common questions asked: · Spiritual/Soul name · Soul “level” the colour of your soul energy · Names of guides and teachers · Learning about your Soul group and why you are together · If you're in a specialty group · Who in your current life are members of your soul group · Why you are here · Why you chose this time & place · Are you able to view the Spiritual Realm

Q: Is there anything I need to provide for the LBL?

A: Yes, you will need to prepare and bring a typed "cast of characters" of about 15 to 20 people. Create a list of people in your current life from your past and present. This “cast of characters” should be the people who are important to you - family members, friends, co-workers, teachers, mentors, lovers, spouses and children. Include anyone who has helped to shape your life, positively or negatively, in a significant manner. List their first name, their relationship to you, some information about how you feel about that person, and a few brief words that describe their character, e.g. Bill, My brother, quiet and reserved, a dedicated worker. This entire sheet should be brief and consist of people who have had the most impact on your life. It is as if I am about to premier your stage play and I am in the front row and I require a program to follow in order to keep up with you. Also prepare a brief list of questions that you would like to have answered during the Life Between Lives session. I have provide the most common asked question below.

Q: Is there anything I need to know before the LBL session?

A: An LBL session can be quite draining for both the client and the LBL therapist. It is best to be well rested before the session, usually performed as a full morning. It is important to allow reflection time after a session and to schedule it on a day when you do not need to return to work or home to undertake busy activities. Avoid stimulants such as coffee & nicotine on the scheduled day and avoid recreational drugs for at least two days prior to the session.

Q: What should I expect and does everyone experience the same thing?

A: Please be aware that your individual session will probably not resemble the structure found in Dr. Newton’s books. His work is a composite of over 3 decades and thousands of cases studies. It is also condensed for reading purposes. Just like individuals, no one person’s session is going to be just like any other. Every experience is individual, unique and deeply personal. The most common format that occurs during a session is the meeting of your guide, rejoining your soul group, going to the Council (also known as elders & wiser beings), exploring life selection and your ability to access your soul memories. Each session is individual in its own way and it is important to come with an open mind and open heart to undertake this soul experience.

Q: What is an LBL session?

A: We begin with a brief overview of your current life including significant people and events. You relax and go deeper into your hypnotic state by taking you on a long visualisation and progressive relaxation journey that I will guide you through. We then go through some memory exercises of your current life memories by doing age regression, and will then step into a recent past life. Once in your past life, we continue on through your death in that life and then journey into the Life Between Lives spirit state.

Q: What is LBL?

A: The Life Between Lives hypnotherapy process, also called spiritual regression, allows clients to connect with their soul-self. The success of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy lies partially in the length of the session and the depth of your trance state. You will bridge your physical incarnations and connect with immortal life in the spirit world. You are able to see an entire evolutionary karmic growth pattern while mentally residing in the world between lives that is our true home. We learn why bodies and lives were chosen; the fit between the experiences encountered in past and present lives; and the lessons they brought. Past and present human lives are seen as but alter-egos of an eternal identity. In this state of heightened perception and understanding, clients are able to find the answers to age-old questions such as “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “Where do I come from?”

Q: Is it like stage hypnotism?

A: No, it is nothing like stage hypnotism. There are many misconceptions about past life regression, spiritual regression and what they actually are and what happens during them. The one thing you can be sure of, is that you will not be asked to do anything silly for entertainment value and that at all times you are aware and in control of where you are and what you are doing.


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Maximum Insight
"Thank you Max, for guiding me with my past life regression and life between lives. This was an amazing experience - one which is very difficult to put into words, but one which has given me a great deal of insight into who I am and what I am about. This was a truly amazing journey, which can only be explained by experiencing it. Thank you for blessing me with this experience, and for having the patience and persistence to get me back to where I needed to be and to find the messages which had eluded me for some time. many blessings,"
Mel from Yass
Maximum Insight
"I have been to many psychics in the past but none of them have amazed me and been as authentic as MAX. He has made me realise and understand things better to help me get on with my life and helped guide me in the right direction!"
Marie from Sydney


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