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30 Awesome Eco & Nature-Themed Web Designs

As awareness and debate over climate change reached fever pitch in the 2000s, it became common for companies to capitalize on a renewed environmental consciousness in society. Everything from products to brand and web designs were pitched at the environmentally conscious with the use of wood textures and greenery motifs. As the media saturation point turned into the blindness of over-exposure, many companies have backed off the gas pedal a bit, but for some, the nature-themed tradition has continued. Here's what is going on in natural web design today.

Mid Carolina Timber Co


Narhir Design

Talkeetna Viaggi

Just Made my Day



Go Glamping

Aquatory Group

Schneider Garten & Strabenbau

Studio 7 Designs

Injecting Colors into the Web

Life in Mono

Tori's Eye

Vida Comunicacao


Plain Green

Adventure Trekking

Western Australian Museum


Healthy Harvest

Indo Folio

Discover Tennessee

Goin' Nutty'

The Organic Supermarket


Aussie BBQ Legends

Delicious Monster

Mark Forrester

CSS Nature

We've all seen our fair share of nature-themed and eco designs in the last decade. Do these websites present a fresh take on an old concept, or are they just more of the same? Are there sites outside of this roundup that you believe embody the revival of ecological design?

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