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30 Food & Restaurant Web Designs

As humans, our desire to eat food is so closely tied to our sense of aesthetic that for most web designers, an assignment from a food industry client -- whether it be a restaurant, food product manufacturer or a small cafe -- can be as exciting an opportunity for creative exploration as it is a daunting one. Where other sites may be saved by great copy or other factors, presentation is everything in this industry, as chefs always say. Here are thirty inspiringly good food and restaurant web designs you should check out.

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Marie Catrib's



The Noodle Box

Pizza Express


Aqua Italia

SanDiego Brewing Co.


Chez Gerard

Nuevo Aurich

Veda Takeout


Ruby Tuesday

Jake's Roadhouse

Hoddows Gastwerk

Hunan Gourmet

Spring Hill

le 28 Thiers

The Little Cake Parlour

Cannolificio Mongibello

La Masa Mimatta

Pic Fresh


I love Sesame

Choga Nyc

Gianni's Steakhouse


Olive Garden


We've covered everything from fast food like McDonald's to fine dining, and there's a lot to learn. One of the key techniques used in food and restaurant design is color psychology. Fast food restaurants often use reds to get the appetite going quickly, while luxury locations tend to go for purples and elegant fonts that do more to demonstrate the quality of the atmosphere than the food itself. Let us know about your favorite food and restaurant sites in the comments.


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