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Tender Notification Services

Having access to a steady stream of business opportunities is essential for any commercial organisation. While many businesses still rely on word of mouth referrals, a huge volume of goods and services are regularly procured through tendering. So if you are not monitoring these opportunities in a comprehensive manner, then you can almost bet that you are missing out on the chance to grow your business.

If you are keen to explore what’s on offer via the tendering process, you have a couple of choices. You can do this research in-house, by monitoring the internet, relevant newspapers and trade journals yourself, or you can let someone else do the leg work for you. Having an experienced tender notifier working on your behalf provides you with a comprehensive and cost-effective way to keep your finger on the pulse, so you can get on with the more important job of winning business.

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TenderLink is the largest web-based tendering network in Australasia. Through the continual monitoring of nearly 300 of our own purchaser websites, 800 hard copy sources and 1300 external websites, we’ll deliver you targetted business opportunities as they hit the market. Let us do the leg-work for you, so you can focus on winning new business.