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Business Video Production Services

Online video is becoming a widely used marketing tool. As businesses realise the benefits of video marketing online, video production is being used by SME’s and large companies alike.

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Here are some of the benefits of using video on your website:

  • Videos are great for improving your businesses ranking in search engine results.
  • It increases the ‘stickiness’ of your site with your audience more likely to stay for longer on your site.
  • If it’s done well, there’s a real opportunity for your campaign to be shared through social networks.
  • People love it. It’s a great way of engaging your audience and telling them about your product.

When you’re producing video it’s crucial to choose the right video producer who can deliver what you want. Use our top five tips to help you make the right producer choice for your video production.

Top 5 tips for selecting a video producer

  1. Be clear about the video you want: Provide as much detail about what you want, when you want it and what you’d like included. This is your video brief. You can work with your video producer to refine it, but letting people know as much information as you can will help with the quality of the responses.
  2. Provide a budget estimate: If you’ve got a figure in mind make sure you include this in your brief. Video producers will let you know if this figure is realistic and what you can expect from your budget. You may need to revise some of your requirements to allow for budget considerations.
  3. Give yourself some choice: Asking 2 or ideally 3 producers to pitch on your brief will allow you to compare the different ideas (or pitches). You can then decide which video producers you think will bring your video to life. If you can, have a chat over the phone. It’s a good way of making sure you both understand the brief and the proposed ideas. If you don’t know any video producers using a site like ProductionParty gives you access to a community of quality video producers.
  4. Ask for style references: The best way to see if a producer can do what you want is to see the sort of work they’ve already done. Definitely ask for examples of relevant work. If you have a specific video style in mind, ask producers if they’ve done similar work and to provide you with examples. Producers will be more than happy to show you their work.
  5. Understand the time frames involved: There are a few phases involved in video production and this will vary depending on the type of video you need. It’s important to ask your producer to break down the timeline for you so you can understand how long it will take to deliver from shoot to post production.

Once you’ve done all the above you should have a good idea of the video producer who best fits your needs. It’s time to let the magic happen, and have your video idea turn into a reality.


Production Party

Need quality video production? ProductionParty provides you with professional videos created by video production specialists at competitive prices. Choose from our selection of video packages or if you need something more customised receive quality video pitches from our community of video professionals.