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Recruiting the right staff is vital for the success of any SME. It can also be hard work to get right. The critical steps for an employer include defining the role, sourcing candidates, screening, interviewing and selecting, then checking references. But the work doesn’t stop there. Once someone joins the team, you need to think about induction, training and retention.

Whether you recruit candidates yourself, use a traditional recruitment agency, or take advantage of RecruitLoop’s unique recruitment model, it is important to ensure each stage of the recruitment process is being properly managed. Your employer brand, and ability to recruit the right talent in future, will depend on it.

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RecruitLoop is a new model of online recruitment, with expert recruiters paid by the hour. It slashes the cost of recruitment by up to 80%, while saving employers hours of time. RecruitLoop connects employers with an experienced recruiter online, to receive flexible recruitment support and recorded video interviews of shortlisted candidates. It’s recruitment reinvented.