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Most prestigious escort agency in Sydney. An exquisite array of sexy and seductive girls from around the world direct to your door within minutes

Sydney's most exclusive Room Service International have expanded to establish 15 individual escort services, each unique in characteristics and attention to detail, ready to cater to each individual taste, age and price range.

Each service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, accepting all...

25 November, 2014
Every time I am in town I book the magnificent Anita for a couple of hours, she is just the kind of woman I like! Smart, sophisticated and downright sexy, and that is an understatement!
27 October, 2014
Its true. Charlotte IS intoxicating and she IS addictive. And I want more. I must have more. Charlotte is an absolute babe and I cant wait to spend more time with her. Oh dear, I think I am going to have to detox from Charlotte....or should I just give in and keep with the habit? Hmmmm....yep think Im just gonna have to see her again tonight.
19 August, 2014
When I first set eyes on Ava, Ill admit I was just a little intimidated. What a stunner! She wouldve looked more at home on the cover of a glossy high fashion magazine than she did standing in the corridor, knocking on my hotel door whilst I anxiously ogled at her beauty through the peep hole. But I neednt have panicked. Only 10 minutes later as we chatted easily over a glass of wine I realised that this girl was as gorgeous on the inside as she was on the outside. And as I moved to the bar fridge to top up our glasses, Ava commented that one of my shoulders appeared slightly stiff and did I have any back pain. What an ice breaker! Within two minutes we had both undressed and she proceeded to give me what was undoubtedly the best back massage that Ive ever had! Plus the sensation of her crotch against my bottom as she unkinked my sore back. Needless to say, my mind wasnt on massage for long. And once we moved onto the bed, well, Im prepared to put money on the fact that Ava is no mattress actress she was having just as good a time as me I reckon! Her service was head and shoulders above all the other escorts Ive seen (and let me tell you, Ive seen plenty!) I only come to Sydney twice a year so I have my fingers crossed that this young lady will still be with Room Service Escorts the next time Im in town. Ava was scrumptious!
1 July, 2014
Blossom is a tiny Asian bombshell!!! She has all the tricks, toys and the know how to completely set your head spinning and a few other things for that matterseriously this a young lady worth booking for a fantastic time.
30 May, 2014
Alexis really was the blonde glamour barbie doll that I was promised over the phone a real stunner with a fantastic girl next door attitude and looks to match plus went out of her way to ensure that I really did get the affectionate 2-way girlfriend type experience that I had warned her that I wanted. Super likeable down to earth attitude too, no airs and graces. I warned her that I wouldnt have a good time unless she let me show her a good time, and she was as good as her word. Beautiful girl with great personality shell put you in the mood then let you drive her home - I really do love those Kiwi women!
5 March, 2014
Abigail was great!! To tell the truth, I havent been with anyone in 12 months since my most recent divorce and Ive never used this agency before. When the receptionist described this girl Ive got to admit that I hardly listened as I expected her to upsell the girl just to get the booking and then just send whoever she had, which in my experience is the way that agencies do business. I couldnt have been more wrong gorgeous girl, fabulous looking, great company and sizzling service! Abby it was wonderful I hope to see you next time!
3 March, 2014
Ashka was without a doubt, the most stunning girl I have ever seen, with the deepest green eyes, like pools that you could just drown in, mesmerised by her beauty, not to mention her luscious long dark hair. Her stunning looks almost make her look unapproachable until the minute you meet her and all your nerves will melt away because Ashka is a wickedly cool chick really chatty, friendly and relaxed
24 December, 2013
The receptionist that I spoke with recommended Karyna and promised me that not only was this Russian lady a beautiful blonde in her mid/late 20s but also that she provided a wonderful, passionate type girlfriend experience. I took a punt and booked her for an hour. Ive got to be truthful and say that Karyna took about 50mins to get to me as opposed to the half hour travel time I was told. But all was forgiven very quickly she was much more than I had dared to expect! Gorgeous, fair skinned busty blonde with the fittest and most toned body that Ive been with in a long, long time - and a giggle that was charming and at the same time, so mischievous. She was laid back, relaxing company and very accommodating - she made me feel like a long lost lover, so easy to talk to plus she really put me at my ease. Im definitely going to book a repeat performance and will make sure that next time I have enough time to book her for longer.
22 December, 2013
Nicolette is a lovely young thing to while away some time with. A very sexy Swedish girl, slender and shapely, very pretty with a smile that lights up her face. A total blonde bombshell with a personality to match- good fun, cheeky sense of humour and as if that isnt enough recommendation she turns into a passionate lover when the small talk and foreplay are finished. She was fabulous and I enjoyed every moment of my time with her
10 December, 2013
A gorgeous cute china doll Blossom is divinely sweet & juicy!! Appearances can be deceptive and I was fooled by Blossom's sweet + gentle look! By the time she had entertained me with a smouldering striptease I was hooked. Things just got better as she used her beautifully supple body to amazing effect with a teasing, tantalizing lap dance. The room temperature was now hot to boiling!! Blossom is a very sexy little doll - highly recommended.
8 December, 2013
Hot, sizzling hot! As I sit at my computer the morning after the night before trying to sum up the three hours spent last night in the company of AnnaBella, these are the only words springing forth in my tired and hung over brain. But what a night it was! Out on the town with mates, then back home in the early hours unable to sleep and horny. I rang an escort service Id used before . . . and then a petite pocket rocket of feminine sexual energy named AnnaBella at my door. English accented, platinum blonde, beautifully tanned (not quite all over I discovered later!), and only 5 tall with a perfectly proportioned bust and bottom. If you want exciting, physical and energetic sex, this gift from mother England is the one for you! Ill be seeing her again, no doubt about it.
3 December, 2013
I saw Ashka yesterday and had a great time with this extremely sexy, petite and classy young lady. Ashka is beautiful, attentive but also has a welcome naughty side to her. I have seen her before, but quite a while back, and it was nice to pick up where we left off. She was a little late in arriving due to some trouble with taxis, but she was pretty cool with her time and even went over a little bit to make up for being late. I couldnt believe how acrobatic Ashka was!! I tried really hard to keep up, but eventually I just sat back and enjoyed watching her writhe around with me and without me. Phew I start sweating just thinking about it
8 October, 2013
Topaz. What can one say about this young lady of brilliance, sparkle and enthralling beauty. Well for starters, dont book Topaz for an hourthats what I didand it most definitely wasnt enough. Topaz is an absolutely delightful and extremely attentive young lady. It was all I could do to compose myself and last the hour. An hour with Topaz was a truly memorable experience I havent stopped smiling for days a bit like the cat that swallowed the canary. Will be booking Topaz for 2 hours next time.
8 October, 2013
MARLENE Like the inscrutable Dietrich, Marlene oozed into the room like molten lava red hot and dangerous! Marlene has legs that just dont quit, breasts that must be seen to be believed, and an amazing toned body. All this sat under a mantle of the sweetest, prettiest blonde curls, peaches and cream complexion, perfect kissable lips, and the most fabulous, innocent blue eyes....with just a hint of mischief. Wrap all this up and tie it together with a sexy French accent and what more can I say but Ooh lala, Cest magnifique!
7 October, 2013
Aaliyah has natural wonderful breasts. She is one of the best escorts on the scene, very friendly, very pretty, genuine 19 years of age and beautiful texture to her skin. She is so good when it comes to providing GFE experience. If you want to feel happy and satisfied with value for money, just call for Aaliyah. I was in heaven. Aaliyah you are wonderful. Please be nice and gentle to her if you want to be rewarded. Don't miss her guys. She has a great attitude.
6 October, 2013
It wasn't the first date for me with a girl and I don't know, maybe it was just a stroke of luck, but Brooke was erotically charged, incredibly horny, so it was amazing given that she was not acting but sharing with me.... I hope you are fine, thank you very much indeed the level of service was great, best blow job ever also quote of the decade! Brooke is much better looking than her photos shown. She is slim and fit with beautiful breasts and a pert bum. She has wonderful eyes and a generous mouth. I fell for her very quickly. Everything on the menu was provided with a zest. Willing to please, not a clock watcher. Just a lovely personality and skilful.
4 September, 2013
Well, short of laying me back and fanning me with palm leaves, or feeding me grapes one at a time by hand, Caitlin did EVERYTHING you could imagine to make me feel like I was her King. She is delightfully sweet, was affectionate and oh, so attentive. In fact there are parts of me that will be forever grateful and will remember her always with a smile.just a slightly wicked smile
2 September, 2013
Roxie is the most delightful young lady I have had the pleasure of spending time with. Well thats how she arrived anyway. Quiet, well spoken- impeccable style and manners. But the more time we spent together the wilder things got. In fact, I think Ive just experienced the wildest safari Africa has to offer. Dont get me wrong I just mean that the hotter things got, the more wild and untamed....and interesting things got...just like the African jungle. And love love THAT booty! Roxie really does have it all going on!
1 September, 2013
Well. Holy Shenanigans Batman, what a night! Macey was a surprise birthday present from my wife well not really a present for me so much as a present for both of usa still my beating heart! How awesome is my missus, eh? Wed talked about it, but I had thought that was all it was talk. So, imagine my surprise when my wife asked me to meet her at a swanky hotel on my birthday and I arrived to find her, Macey, a bottle of bubbles, and some seriously hot lingerie just waiting on the bedfor me. Macey started the night off by giving my wife what looked like the best massage everwell thats what the look on my wifes face said, and then she started getting HOT with my wife. Well that made 3 of us hot and sweaty. It was amazing to watch Macey and my wife together, but manI really wanted to join in. It seemed like forever till they let me. (Hmmmm watch or join in to be or not to be? Tough decision. Probably a good thing that Macey was in charge of the important decisions cos she was clearly the one who knew what was going on as my wife and I were like putty in her hands ) Once they let me join in, OMG, the most mind blowing experience ever, without a doubt. So much going on all at once, with Macey in control like the orchestra conductor, bringing the 3 of us to the finale in perfect timing collapsing together in an exhausted but exhilarated heap. Hehehe I know what Im getting my missus for her next birthday.seeya then Macey
27 August, 2013
Isnt it everymans dream..2 beautiful exotic ladies and me? Well maybe not everymans dream, but it was certainly mine. And you cant get much more beautiful than Cosima and Eshanaor more exotic than Italian and Indian. I dont think Ive ever felt so spoiled in my entire life. I was treated to a performance to start with then the tables were turned on me and OMG! Eshana and Cosima satisfied ALL my dreams and expectations. A memory for a lifetime. Thank you, ladies.
26 August, 2013
The Brazilian Bombshell. I have seen Carolena a few times nowand everytime is fabulousif for no other reason than to see her wearing her latest lingerie. No one wears lingerie quite like Carolena every set is stunning and she wears each beautifully. Her look is so seductive.and the passion that she showed throughout our liaisons was exhilarating. I never say goodbye to Carolena just seeya next time.
25 August, 2013
Was in Sydney just overnight for a business dinner function. Called Room Service Escorts and told them I needed the perfect partner for dinner and they sent me Brooke. They couldnt have found me a more perfect partner. Brooke arrived right on time, looking absolutely stunning. Her conversation throughout the night was scintillating and she completely charmed all my associatesand their wives. No one had any idea she was an escort. We retired later to my hotel room and Brooke unleashed her other side she brought out some massage oils and relaxed all my work awaythen the fun began. Not sure where she pulled those toys from but thank heaven she did. Wonderful nightthank you Room Service Escorts and Brooke
8 July, 2013
What a surprise package Mimi was. The serene innocent face of this Asian beauty totally hid the mischief that lurked behind. Had an amazing night with Mimiextended for 2 hours and will DEFINITELY be back for more. Thanks Mimi 10 out of 10.
25 June, 2013
Mckenzie is gorgeous! It was my second time using Room Service Escorts and was pretty happy the 1st time but, variety is the spice of life so they say, so I took my chances with the receptionists recommendation. Shes a classy, sexy young blonde just like they promised but more importantly she has an easy going genuine caring nature and is eager to please. Put me at ease instantly and only got better from then. Outstanding Ms Mckenzieloved every minute!!
3 June, 2013
Have always been curious as to whether the hot blooded South American woman was really as hot blooded as they say so as soon as I saw the words South American Princess on Room Service site I was in. My god!! ..I feel like after 20 years of what I thought was a great sex life my eyes have finally been opened.Nadia is stunningly beautiful but Ive seen many beautiful woman in my time. She had something special thoughshe oozed sexuality even before she took her clothes off& when she didwhoa!!....blew my mind & I now know EXACTLY how South American woman earned their hot blooded reputation!!
6 May, 2013
Leah...babe, you totally rock!! My perfect match hot, sexy and very very naughty. Cant wipe this smile off my dial lovely lady so you had better be sticking around .Im gonna call you again very soon for round number two!
22 April, 2013
Beautiful, sexy, ALMOST too hot to handle but I managedjust!! Logan has got to be one of the best young girls you guys have sent me since I started using your service 3 yrs ago. SO refreshing to find someone with such a lust for life.she genuinely seems to be working in the sex industry to satisfy her sexual curiosities and she most DEFINITELY satisfied mine!!
8 April, 2013
Hey guysthank you for helping me choose THE most perfect, sexy, cheeky little minx on your booksyou had us matched perfectly.Nalah is my kind of girl without a doubt!!...and Ive got to tell you, she might be young & very new to your industry but she knows how to please a man in every hot!!
13 March, 2013
First time with a escort in a long time and the service was great , Was only ment to be a quick service 3 hours later and I still didn't want her To leave , highly recommend bronte amazing experience not rushed And she blew my mind! Amazing girl , she may be young but she knows What she is doing , keeps me coming back for more with that sex kitten devious smile!
25 February, 2013
Its not often I write these kind of things, especially to escort agencies, but I had such a great time with your beautiful Candice I felt I should give her the rap she deserves. Shes a beautiful young girl with an eagerness to please I havent experienced for a long time. She is definitely one Pommy backpacker I hope stays in Sydney till my next visit cause she made me feel fantastic!!
11 February, 2013
Best 3hrs Ive ever spent with an escort. Felicia is a beautiful, young Italian woman who knows her stuff. She made me feel so comfortable that I let my guard down enough to indulge in a few of my more personal fantasies and some. Really was a lot of fun & probably the most sexually exciting service Ive ever experienced so thank you Ms have won yourself a heart here & a regular client. Darren
10 February, 2013
I am addicted to beautiful women so being a single gent I tend to treat myself to an escort delivered to my door so civilized! I hit gold with little Cassara, although when I say little Im talking about her height, very cute. Nothing little about her divine boobs, an E cup I believe, and the rest of her figure perfectly proportioned with seductive curves. Very exotic looking which I instantly began to respond to, if you know what I mean!! Not just a looker, shes warm and bubbly, great fun with a wicked sense of humour. An absolute hottie between the sheets, I couldnt get enough of her. Top marks for this little pocket goddess with massive sex appeal.
7 February, 2013
Im usually a very hard man to please...I like what I like & when I book a girl for a few hours of fun I rarely find the exact mixture of looks & a sexual open mind that matches my fantasies...I found her!!...Carise is a beautiful, strong, extremely sexual woman with striking looks & a passion for what she does....& she does it so so well. Thank you Carise...will definitely be calling you again.
3 November, 2012
Drop dead gorgeous that typical, very exotic look of young women from South America, Ive gotta admit, I just love it! Slim without any jutting uncomfortable bones, just nice rounded curves and a beaut bust, nothing too big, topped with the prettiest set of girlie nipples . . . and from her head all the way to her toes she has this clear smooth, light olive flawless skin that begs to be stroked with the lightest hand . . . . Bruna is the sort of woman that is physically my ideal! On arrival she looked great but it was the way she spoke English with that underlying sexiest of Spanish accents that really got me going. Easy to talk to, great to spend uninhibited and relaxed time with. And I almost forgot to mention the to-die-for massage that she gave me! Bruna provides a fantastic service and although Im a regular customer of Sydney Outcalls for the sheer variety of women available, I would jump at the chance to see this passionate latina woman again! Nine and a half points out of ten - and Ive never scored any woman with a ten!
31 January, 2012
Im a newly divorced man in my 40s I love the company of beautiful ladies but really didnt feel like diving into the singles dating scene. So I took a deep breath and called an escort agency. I was feeling a little apprehensive but the receptionist I spoke to soon put me at ease as we discussed the type of lady I would like to see. All the ladies described to me were very tempting but I eventually decided on Charley an international award winning swimsuit model + Kylie Minogue lookalike!!! As I waited for my lady to arrive I was feeling really nervous would I like her and just as important, would she like me. Luckily I didnt have to wait long before she arrived and she took my breath away what a stunner, lovely face and fabulous figure. I began to feel like a tongue-tied schoolboy, but again I neednt have worried because she was also charming and intelligent with a great sense of humour. Im not a man to kiss and tell but trust me there was plenty to tell. Charley certainly has an adventurous imagination. This had to be the best decision Id made since my divorce Charley is the complete package and Im a devoted fan Thank you.
27 November, 2011
Sabrina-sexy, stunning, sensual, soft and sweet. What a body - slim, supple with curves in all the right places. Extremely seductive, she took me to heaven with her enthusiastic passion -a hot a steamy time for both of us! What a star - she sure put a smile on my face!
25 November, 2011
Angelica - I think Im addicted to her company! My only concern is shes a popular girl so sometimes I have to wait a few hours for her. I try to be organized and I book in advance when Im able. Shes a great companion for men who want the lot - beauty, charm and smarts, all in the same package. I keep asking her to move to London where I spend most of my time but understandably she prefers the climate in Australia (told you she was smart!) Shes elegant, educated and sophisticated Ive even taken her out to a business dinner and was proud to have her on my arm. Great all round experience!
24 November, 2011
Im 25 years old as are my old school friends and close male work contemporaries. This year weve had nine bucks nights held by our crowd, mainly I guess, as we are all reaching that age where generally speaking, most of us have met the girls we hope to marry and settle down with. The first eight of our stag nights were good nothing to write home about but a good night was had by all with good mates. Normally one of us organizes a stripper and give her instructions to pay special attention to the soon-to-be-bridegroom. But last Saturday it was my turn to organize the night. I booked a table at a fabulous Cockle Bay restaurant food was great, the service was fine and by 10.30pm we were all rather unsteadily making our way back to the large suite at Star City Casino that Id pre-booked. In the suite, Id only just poured the drinks when there was a light tapping at the door. Wow!! Every last one of us surveyed the classy, exotic beauties that stepped almost shyly into the room. Firstly, the girl who introduced herself as Evita shrugged the overcoat from her shoulders to reveal the classic elegant belly dancing outfit just like something from that sitcom I dream of Jeannie! She produced a cd and in less than a minute she had mesmerised the lot of us with elegance and such erotic belly dancing moves that we couldnt at first take our eyes from her . . . that was until we noticed the stunning blonde whod introduced herself as Dasha she shrugged her overcoat off to reveal nothing but high heels, stockings and a suspender belt and the most magnificent, pert DD cup breasts that silently yelled to be nuzzled. Thats all I want to say for now, the girls did ask for discretion and did a fantastic job. They spent two hours with us the groom-to-be was serviced, and Dasha and Evita did a super professional job of entertaining us and waiting on all us chaps and generally mingling. The night really couldnt have gone any better the only hassle was that such a good time was had by all that Ive been unanimously voted as the official organizer of these events! Thank you ladies we all agree it was by far the best bucks night so far this year!
19 November, 2011
Every time I visit Sydney I find myself dialing this agency's number. I'm a happily married man and visits from the ladies of this agency have been and are my only marital infidelities. Every time I call, the receptionists send me ever more glamorous and sophisticated women - the class of beautiful women that I rarely, if ever get to speak with - oh, so classy on the outside, their expensive french perfumes wafting around them - but such wild bedroom hotties when you unzip them and throw them down on the bed. Just the memories of these passionate encounters gets me through the next six months till my next visit to the big city Bob
18 November, 2011
Im a confirmed and ageing bachelor (but never to be confused with that unnatural and unwholesome state of celibacy that some bachelors find themselves living). But for the first time ever I let the receptionist at Sydney Outcalls guide me to booking a blonde eastern European blonde lass by the name of Francesca who, I was told, provided one of the best GFE type services that I was likely to find in all of Sydney. Despite my doubting nature, Ive got to admit that Francesca provided a service that was exactly as described it took me back 30 yrs to when I last had a girlfriend! All that kissing, stroking, cuddling and intense warm fuzzy feelings. Gotta be honest and say that I wont be seeing Francesca every time I book a girl it was so intense and much more than just good sex. But I what an experience wrapped around those intense warm sexually erotic feelings . . . I definitely will be seeing Francesca again when Ive recharged my own GFE batteries!
4 November, 2011
Cindy for us lads who like leggy blondes, Cindy is definitely a top pick. Those flawless, slim, tanned legs seem to go on forever. Shes a no fuss lass who makes you the centre of attention when youre with her, and shes got some skills that I wont detail here but will say theyll leave you tingling all over - from the top of your head all the way down to your toes . . . Ive only seen her once for a couple of hours but will definitely try to book her again the next time Im in town. One of the few truly lovely and genuine girls Ive booked. I wasnt disappointed plus Ive got to admit she was good value for money.
28 October, 2011
Do any other blokes out there wonder at the way the average size and shape of a womans body has changed so dramatically and actually shrunk over the last 30 years or so? But Mercedes, not only pretty and great company, but also 'Wow! What a body!'. A set of beaut DD breasts topped with the prettiest and most sensitive pink nipples..... and a body with the most inviting, sensuous, curves..... No skinny minnie with protruding pelvic bones that dig into a bloke just when he is trying to get comfy atop a girl. Mercedes is a girl/woman with a healthy appetite for sex and a body like Marilyn Monroe - give me those girls with some 'cushion for the pushing' any day!
12 August, 2011
Apple is a tiny Asian bombshell!!! She has all the tricks, toys and the know how to completely set your head spinning and a few other things for that matterseriously this a young lady worth booking for a fantastic time
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Roberto re Foxy
I'm a pretty standard white Aussie bloke with the usual wife and couple of kids, BBQ's on Sundays, beer with me mates on Fridays after work etc etc. But probably about once a month, when I get the chance, I like to indulge myself with an escort, normally a girl of my own race, similar to my wife and old girlfriends, the type of woman that I thought I found attractive. Last Friday after a pretty big session at the local with the boys I decided to throw caution to the wind and told the receptionist to choose a lady for an hour for me - I gave her no stipulations, absolute free reign. About half an hour later I opened my hotel room door and almost fell over backwards! There stood this hot, black woman with a body like . . . well, oh what a body . . . oh what a woman! There isn't too many first time experiences left for a 40-year old bloke like me, but this sure was a fantastic first and it definitely won't be my last!
Wow foxy by name, Foxy by nature!! This brown skin gal is slinky, sexy and sizzlin'…. she is one of a kind for sure, just my cup of cafe au lait!!
Brown sugar for me...sweet and oh so scrumptious...this is my kind of lady...soft gentle and loving! Seriously though, I can’t wait to fall into this girl’s arms again….
I am not sure if it is those beautiful lips or beautiful breasts that will make you go crazy. But one hour with this beautiful girl will tip you over the edge. Her body is super toned with all her curves in all the right places. So what are you waiting for? I had the best time of my life with Poppy.
I recently booked Scarlette for an overnight booking. She was superb, extremely beautiful in a girl-next-door way, and was wearing a little black dress that made me go wild. I have booked many escorts in my time but never has anyone treated me like her - she went to all lengths to please me, and I will definitely be booking her again. I would highly recommend her........
I must say I was quite frustrated before Monika arrived the reason for this is she was over 15mins late, and I'm quite picky when it comes to time keeping. Nevertheless my frustration quickly turned to arousal as soon as I opened the door to greet her! Wow she looked amazing, the way she walked and talked was like watching an unobtainable super star. High class and very, very sexy. I never thought a Sydney Escort could be like this. I took a little time getting to know her but it was very hard to resist her and not before long she was having her way with me. I'm over 50 and married, so even I was amazed when she won me over for the third time within our 90min liaison. Enough said as I'm getting excited. I need to see her again!
I am so glad I booked Willow for sure, she really knows how to have fun and keep the party going. I only wish I had as much energy as her, ha ha. Definitely money well spent. I would totally recommend this sexy lady to anyone who has a good lease of life and enjoys loads of fun
This woman has breasts you can lose yourself in, a body for lovin' and magic hands to take away whatever ails you...seriously a session with Athena made me feel like a new man...I have found my nirvana!!
Piper is definitely a high class courtesan, exquisite and sophisticated. She arrives and all of a sudden you are transported to the elegance of a bygone era. Tall, beautiful and elegant, Piper not only looks fabulous she IS fabulous, warm, friendly and open she makes you feel just that extra bit special. Definitely a woman NOT to be missed....
Met Georgina for a one-hour outcall at my hotel. Lovely girl - friendly, sexy and much prettier than her photos on the site. A proper GFE, Georgina was great to chat to, funny and a little raver in the sack and soooo busty. She did ask me not to be too graphic if I left a review, so I will respect her wishes and simply say that bits of it were like a porno movie and I will definitely see her again
Every time I visit Sydney I find myself dialing this agency's number. I'm a happily married man and visits from the ladies of this agency have been and are my only marital infidelities. Every time I call, the receptionists send me ever more glamorous and sophisticated women - the class of beautiful women that I rarely, if ever get to speak with - oh, so classy on the outside, their expensive french perfumes wafting around them - but such wild bedroom hotties when you unzip them and throw them down on the bed. Just the memories of these passionate encounters gets me through the next six months till my next visit to the big city
Young, blonde and definitely cute, Krysta is one honey that I keep on having to see, time and time again. She is sweet, open minded and has a great body. If you are looking for a memorable evening this is the girl to see!