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About us

Specialising in one aspect of Law Property Transactions.

Specialising in one aspect of Law – Property Transactions.

We can assist you when you are:

  • Purchasing a house or strata property
  • Selling property
  • Changing your name on title
  • Transferring ownership because of separation or other reasons
  • Signing your loan and mortgage documents
  • Completing...


What is the role of a conveyancer?

When selling property you will require a contract prepared. A CPC will obtain all the mandatory documents that need to be attached to a contract eg. a council zoning certificate, a copy of the title and other title documents, deposited or strata plan, sewer diagram and any other documents that may be required for your particular transaction. Your CPC will draft any special clauses that may be required for your contract and that may be required to disclose particular matters for your sale. When buying a property a CPC will explain the contract to you, organise any property inspections, discuss your financial position and negotiate with the seller's conveyancer on any special needs such as extended settlement period, amount of deposit or possession amongst other things. Liaison with your lender on finance approval is also an important function. Once contracts have been exchanged, a CPC will take all the necessary steps to settle the matter and arrange payout or funding of mortgages. At all times a CPC will advise you on various options and act to protect your interests.

Should buyers and sellers use the same conveyancer(CPC)?

There is nothing legally wrong with using the same conveyancer (CPC), however, the Institute does not recommend this practice. Your conveyancer (CPC) is working for you and to give you the best advice and guidance throughout your transaction.

What is a Certified Practising Conveyancer?

A Certified Practising Conveyancer is a qualified professional, who specialises in this single field of law (conveyancing) and as such is up to date with all changes to legislation and procedures that may effect your transaction. A CPC must comply with our high standards and has the full backing and support of the AIC.

Are all conveyancers (CPCs) the same?

No. As with any profession or trade each individual will be different. Some CPCs are self-employed and some work in small business or in large conveyancing firms. Some will offer a wider range of services than others and they will all have their own set of fees and business practices.


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Southern Illawarra Conveyancing
"Thank you for your great work, your knowledge and efficiency made the whole process an easy one! We will definately be referring our friends and family to you."
Ray and Cheryl from Albion Park Rail
Southern Illawarra Conveyancing
"Thanks for all the great work, we appreciate your thoroughness and efficiency."
Tim and Jo from Farmborough Heights
Southern Illawarra Conveyancing
"Thank you very much for everything you did helping us get into our home, we are both pleased with how easy the move was."
David & Belinda from Albion Park
Southern Illawarra Conveyancing
"Thank you for everything you have done for us with regard to our sale and then our purchase."
Brian & Louise from Oak Flats
Southern Illawarra Conveyancing
"Thankyou Kim for everything! You made the whole transaction run smoothly - we couldn't be happier! Will definately be referring business your way."
Warren & Michelle Keelan
Southern Illawarra Conveyancing
"Thank you so much for your assistance with our purchase, you went above and beyond your call of duty and we are so greatful. We will definately be referring our friends and family to you."
Sharon and Wayne O'Malley
Southern Illawarra Conveyancing
"Thank you so much for all your help. You made the whole process of buying a house so much easier."
Travis & Melanie Boyd


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