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Spinners Team of Tradesmen

Address: Suite4/ 144 Cathedrial Street Woolloomooloo NSW 2011


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If you seek carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers or plasterers in Sydney, call Spinners on 1300 46 8885

We are a group of reliable, skilled and local Handymen, Carpenters and Tradesmen who are supervised by Registered and Licensed Builders. If it’s a maintenance job or a multi-trade renovation, we are your small project specialist.

You can count on our tradespeople:

  • Electrical
  • Tiling
  • ...
9 February, 2011
Thanks again for a great job, done incredibly quick time, with top tradesman.
9 February, 2011
Thankyou so much for an excellent job. The house looks wonderful and we were barely inconvienced at all
9 February, 2011
Many thanks for your care in preparing our new home.
9 February, 2011
I was very pleased with the work carried out and will definitely user your service for future work.
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Isabel A , Sydney
I am very impressed with the service I received from Spinners, am very happy with the work they completed for me and would confidently recommend their services to others. Luke first impressed me by not being late for the appointment to see my requirements and I was further impressed with how he freely discussed what could be done with each item, including indicating how I could do it myself, but such that I do not feel uncomfortable or useless saying that actually I did not want to and some things were not much more than banging a nail into a timber door. The quote arrived a day or so after his visit. I advised that it would be a few months before I was in a position to decide whether to go ahead and was impressed again that I was left alone for those months I had feared pushy follow up calls or emails. When I did get back to Luke, I fully expected to have to wait several months for work to begin and for my small jobs to be fitted in around other bigger ones and so for the work to be spread over several more months. In fact work began within 3 weeks and was completed 6 days later. Moreover, over the course of the week I pointed out various additional things I wanted attended to and these were readily added to the existing quote and job I had anticipated that I would have to have them separately quoted and to book in another time to have them done. Finally, the various work sites were left in good order at the end of each day and the entire site left tidy at the end of the job. Everyone I dealt with at Spinners, whether in person, by phone or by email was consistently friendly, helpful and, when necessary, prompt in getting back to me.
Doug Moore , Shire
If all builders demonstated the service, skills and quality of Spinners, the industry would have a much better reputation
Helen Poulgrain , Sydney
I’ve been dealing with Spinners for almost 20 years and am happy with the service I’ve received every time. I know quality when I see it and Spinners is a quality company

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to for permits and how long will they take? Planning Permits. These are required if your building proposal might impact on your neighbours and the surrounding community. Here, a detailed submission containing technical drawings and expert knowledge of the Town Planning Act is required. Therefore, DIY (Do it Yourself) is not recommended for this task. You should expect to wait from a few weeks for a fast track permit to many months for a disputed permit. If such a dispute requires the involvement of VCAT (the Victorian Administrative and Civil Tribunal) the delay can potentially be in excess of one year. Building Permits. This system is in place to maintain minimum building standards and to help protect consumers from inferior and poor quality builders. The process has been privatised and, as a result, a local Building Surveyor will be in charge of the approval and will issue of your permit. This service usually takes only a few weeks. Where do I go for fittings and fixtures? Our supervisor or staff will be pleased to assist you with our recommended suppliers. How long have you been operating for? Since 1977 Spinners has been managing licensed, professional tradesman to the community. With over thirty years experience in building and construction behind them, they have seen it all. From repairs and maintenance of any residential or commercial property, to small renovation and home improvement projects, Spinners has the right tradesman for you.