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Providing transformational education to people wanting to breakthrough to new levels of success in the areas of Mindset, Business, Wealth & Investing, Marketing and Health & Wellbeing.

Universal Events was established in 1993 to provide transformational education to people wanting to breakthrough to new levels of success in the areas of Mindset, Business, Wealth & Investing, Marketing and Health & Wellbeing.

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Universal Events inspires through education and the...


Our Team

Year Joined: 0
Profile: The Universal Events Crew is made up of some of the finest individuals, just like you, who have completed one or more Universal Events Training Programs, have experienced massive transformation in their own life and are driven by the altruistic drive to give back and assist others with the gift of accelerated human change. Many participants in our programs report how they were deeply moved by the kindness and support of one or more crew members. Being a crew member is all about heart. Our crew take time out from their busy schedules to be of service to others and they help us create a safe loving and supportive space for transformation to take place. We take this opportunity to thank our amazing crew for their generosity, impeccable professionalism and their great big hearts. We couldn't do the work that we do without you!
Jeff and Kane
Position: Speakers
Year Joined: 0
Profile: Jeff and Kane are Industry Rockstar Trainers who've taught more than 60,000 people around the world how to become highly paid, high profile Rockstars in their specific industries. For over a decade, Jeff & Kane have been true serial entrepreneurs and new venture investors. Together they have founded 9 companies over the last 10 years in varying industries - including entertainment, technology, real estate, internet, education and retail ranging from $0-20M in revenue - 2 of which have become international leaders in their industries. They have also managed close to $100M of investment capital for investors and learned the secrets of success from having top mentors, coaches and trainers, taking risks, by making big mistakes and having huge successes. Sought after now as top executive coaches, consultants, meeting facilitators & seminar leaders, Jeff & Kane have worked with top executives and teams at Fortune 500 and large corporations like Apple, Cisco, SanDisk, Disney, Lucas Arts, etc. They are known for providing engaging and thought provoking presentations that cause massive business breakthroughs, resulting in millions of dollars being created for their clients. They lecture and facilitate public business trainings internationally, and have shared stages with T Harv Ecker (Author of The Millionaire Mind & owner of Peak Potentials), John Gray (Best Selling Author of Men Are From Mars & Woman Are From Venus), Mark Victor Hansen (Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul), Les Brown (rated among The Top 5 Motivational Speakers in the world), Bob Proctor & Dr John DeMartini (Stars from the movie The Secret), Christine Comaford (Venture Capitalist & Best Selling NY Times Author of Rules For Renegades), Bill Walsh (Venture Capitalist & Business Coach), etc. They have trained more then 60,000 entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors, contractors, corporate professionals and independent service providers worldwide on becoming a top performer in their industry. Through the use of specialized techniques in Social Dynamics®, Neuro Science & Neuro Linguistics, Brain Capacity Functioning Awareness®, increasing communication effectiveness, cutting edge leadership techniques, sales team development, brand messaging and customer acquisition and non traditional business models, their clients and participants have driven immense value to the bottom line of their businesses, and achieved unparalleled success in their industries. As avid learners, Jeff and Kane have studied and mentored under renowned NLP gurus, international transformational Masters and Serial Entrepreneurs. They currently are top Leadership Trainers at Keller Williams (the 2nd largest real estate company in the world), run an executive coaching firm and sit on the board of many privately held companies. They are knows as witty, fun and edgy presenters, while creating amazing changes in the perspectives of their audience members. Participants leave their trainings and can immediately go out and start having more success in their professional lives.
Christopher Howard
Position: Best Selling Author, Leadership Advisor and Performance Consultant
Year Joined: 0
Profile: Internationally acclaimed lifestyle and wealth strategist, Christopher Howard is a best-selling author, prominent speaker and philanthropist… For almost two decades, Chris has researched the success strategies of the world's greatest business, philanthropic and spiritual minds. His extensive knowledge is shared through his books, home study courses and public seminars worldwide. Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), he has assisted hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide to achieve long-lasting, breakthrough performance results. He has dedicated his life to developing the most cutting-edge resources and tools for expanding human potential. Chris’ clients include politicians, Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, athletes and thousands of people from all walks of life who want to live the ultimate vision of their lives. Chris is the best selling author of Turning Passions into Profits: Three Steps to Wealth and Power and Instant Wealth: Wake Up Rich. As a social entrepreneur, Chris Howard has made a philanthropic impact in developing nations worldwide. His endeavours include building a high school in the Huilloq Community in Peru where previously education stopped after the primary school level. He brought a group of 30 coaches and mentors to work with hundreds of students at CIDA, the first free university in South Africa supported by the likes of Oprah, Nelson Mandela and Richard Branson. In Cambodia Chris helps raise awareness for the campaigns of social enterprise Friends International by sharing their messages throughout his global networks.
Johnnie Cass
Position: Lead Trainer & Master Coach – Academy of Wealth and Achievement
Year Joined: 0
Profile: Constantly achieving excellence and empowering people to create and live their ideal dream life, it is no surprise that Johnnie Cass is a senior faculty member for the Academy of Wealth and Achievement. A recognised face from Australian television Johnnie brings to the Academy a broad cross section of expertise and knowledge; including film, media, property investing as well as an extensive background in business management, leadership, coaching as well as training and development. With over 10 years experience in the personal development field Johnnie travels the globe teaching the Academy programs, and as a result has coached and trained thousands of individuals to superior results. The academies latest cutting edge tools and ongoing commitment to see personal transformation complements Johnnies unique and fresh approach. His exceptional skills ensure that at each and every training you realise your untapped potential, taking away with you truly tangible and effective tools you can use to master and accelerate your own personal success and achievements.
Phil Anderson
Position: Speaker
Year Joined: 0
Profile: Phil Anderson's ‘rags to riches’ story has been a motivator for countless Australians and his message is simple “If I can do it, anyone can.” At age 18 he told his friends he would be a millionaire by the time he was 30. True to his word, he did exactly that. His relentless efforts allowed him to retire as a self-made multi-millionaire at 38 due to his passion for business and real estate. On his path to financial freedom, Phil also pursued his passion for bodybuilding and was crowned Mr Australia and was a finalist in the Mr Universe competition. At the same time he also gained his international qualifications as a master life coach. Phil has established 20 fitness centres around the country, has taught thousands of people how to invest in real estate and is, himself, an experienced and highly successful property investor. As CEO of Lifecorp, Phil managed and mentored hundreds of property investors, providing quality education as he helped them get started and continue to build wealth through property. Phil’s presentations educate, inspire, and above all give you the ability to take action towards achieving your wealth goals. He continues to explore new and exciting markets and gives back to communities through his passion for breaking the limiting beliefs of today’s youth. Phil is happily married and lives in the coastal town of Port Macquarie with his wife and two beautiful children.
Ben Harvey
Position: Speaker
Year Joined: 0
Profile: In his pursuit to discover the answers to life's most intriguing questions, Benjamin J Harvey has spent well over 20 years travelling the world studying the field of business and human potential with some of the greatest teachers of our time. Having previously held senior leadership roles in fortune 500 organisations for over a decade and generated over $20million in annual sales revenues for 3 consecutive years, Benjamin is now the CEO and Founder of three successful companies operating in personal coaching and human transformation. In the last 5 years Benjamin has assisted thousands of people to change for good, live their love and lead a rich and balanced life. He does this through his seminars, workshops, online courses and during the 5,000+ one-on-one personal and business coaching sessions he has delivered. Benjamin has had the good fortune of assisting a diverse cross section of society ranging from Shamans to Strategists, Psychics to Sales Reps, Healers to Home Makers and Meditators to Mediators. Benjamin holds numerous internationally recognised certifications in modalities covering both Eastern and Western approaches to coaching and is one of only 100 people in the world to have completed the VIP Human Consciousness Intensive at the International Academy of Consciousness in Portugal. Benjamin now focuses his attention on assisting coaches to build successful businesses and earn a stable income from doing what they love most.
Kerwin Rae
Position: Online and Offline Small Business Marketing Expert. International Speaker, Leader and Entrepreneur
Year Joined: 0
Profile: Businessman, coach, mentor, author and International speaker. Kerwin Rae has studied and observed the psychology of influence for well over 10 years and is considered an expert of human behavior and how it relates to sales, marketing and personal transformation. Sales & Marketing specialist for close to 10 years, in the past 7 years he has coached and trained over 600 consultants on business development, marketing, sales, human behavior and entrepreneurial psychology. During this time he has also taught over 5,000 people around the world through seminars and workshops and in the past 5 years alone has made well over $10 million dollars for his clients, all of them small to medium sized businesses. Author of “The Entrepreneurial Apprentice” training system and co author of one the best selling series “Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed”, Kerwin has been featured in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review, Australian Marketing Magazine and Qantas Business.


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Yes, we do. For information on how you can earn cash and/or training dollars for referring friends to our events - See our website for more information - www.universalevents.com.au


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Universal Events.

Universal Events
"Tripling my revenue and achieving my dream of having a client on the Oprah Winfrey Show “It is in a spirit of deep gratitude that I write you to catch you up on my totally charmed life. This has been one of the most remarkable years of my life. Meeting you just over a year ago, attending Billionaire Bootcamp in March in Kona, and then participating in the other fast track programs has been phenomenal. I have been taking transformational courses since 1992, but… at Billionaire Bootcamp, I shared that I was ready for my Public Relations company to work with some of the world's greatest leaders and by doing so impact millions of lives around the world. 

First came working with you, which has been a massive gift. I attracted Rhonda Byrne of “The Secret” last Summer and was chosen to be the PR company behind “The Secret” around the world. That lead to the realization of my dream to take a client (“The Secret”) to the Oprah Winfrey Show... As if that wasn't enough, I am on my way to tripling the revenues and size of my business, I am attracting all the right people--some very heavy hitters, and am having more Joy and Fun than ever. Thank you once again for the difference you've made in my life...and in turn all of the lives around me...especially my two young children.”"
John Stellar from .
Universal Events
"$2 million within one year and retired at 38. “I thought I would drop you a line with a quick update on what’s going on in life since FAST TRACK… * • I made over 2 million dollars in the year immediately following Bootcamp! * • I made $600,000 in one day using techniques learnt at Bootcamp! * • I was able to retire at 38 years of age and my businesses keep growing even after retirement..... * • I just opened my 20th Fitness Centre * • Have just signed my first book deal.....comes out on June 1st (guaranteed best seller) * • Now focused on helping others retire young”"
Phil Anderson (former Mr Australia) from .
Universal Events
"Purchased 25 properties in less than a year and had my dream holiday “Wow what an experience! At Billionaire Bootcamp last year, I set and committed to my goals. Since Billionaire Bootcamp last October, I have: • Purchased 25 investment properties in Australia and overseas • Balance my life with yoga and meditation every day • Went skiing for 8 weeks in Canada (my dream holiday - I plan to do this every year now) • Spent 7 weeks property hunting around Europe and North America • Traveled to three of my dream destinations for the first time - Prague, Latvia and Edinburgh. • Have exceeded my annual nett profit target of 300K in the last 12months”"
Anthony LaFrenais from .
Universal Events
"My Life has just been phenomenal, not only financially, but in all other key areas “Over the last six months, my life has just been phenomenal, not only financially but also in all other key areas of my life. As you know my new strategies have helped me in negotiations of structuring deals involving millions of pounds. I am now in the process of setting up a UK based worldwide overseas property investment fund amongst other projects. My favorite deal after completing the course, and the one I will always remember is the eight properties I negotiated and purchased all within 24 hours and all at 15% less than their market value! My family and I will be forever grateful to you”"
Andrew Jones from .
Universal Events
"Lost 10 kilos in 7 weeks and have amazing relationships “WOW what a weekend. My husband and I have been to MANY seminars, none have moved us and changed our lives so much. I was on a natural high for weeks and have made personal changes that others have welcomed and appreciated. I was never a person that had a lot of will power but since BTS: I have lost 10 kilos in 7 weeks (something I could have only ever dreamt of) this was the first goal I set for myself. I now look great, feel great and am having amazing relationships both at home and at work. People love being around me and are constantly asking what has happened to change my outlook so much. Thank you so much. I will never look back. I now believe that I can achieve whatever I set out to achieve. Happy and healthy”"
Anne Marie from .
Universal Events
"I was able to donate $300,000 to one of my favourite charities – no longer thinking small! “Before BTS I lived well within my comfort zone without excelling or pushing myself beyond my boundaries. At BTS I realised how I was thinking small and allowing my current financial situation to dictate my quality of life. As a direct result of the techniques taught on the weekend I have been to negotiate a $600000 pay increase as well as purchasing a property in excess of $2million dollars and bought myself a brand new Audi. I have now attended Billionaire Boot camp and was able to donate $300000 to one of my favourite charities.”"
Chandaline Goodwin
Universal Events
"My business went from break-even to $200,000 profit in my first year after attending your workshop and now I’m on track to make $1million profit this year! “Before attending your program I was in massive overwhelm, working over 70hrs per week and only achieving a break even point in sales revenue. I was trying to do everything myself, I was spread way, way to thin and being crushed by the work load. After attending BTS I went from break even to a monthly profit of $50000 in one month. In my first year after attending BTS I clocked up $200000 in profit and am now well on track to go over $1million in my second year. Wow !”"
Phil Hartog
Universal Events
"I now have 5 times the number of coaching clients than I did before. “Coaching is a large part of my business, and the NLP skills that I learnt from Chris Howard were the focal point. Prior to learning these skills my results were ok. I have a handful of customers and achieved ok results. Since the trainings, my business has really taken off. I now coach 5 times more clients than I ever did (and I love the extra cashflow) and the results they are getting is just astounding. They all love it. Thank you!”"
Universal Events
"Saved my marriage and completely turned my life around… “…coming from a place where I was unfulfilled, unhappy, directionless and ready to leave my husband – I have a great job ($100K per year) and a 50% share of a $12 million dollar company. I have a personal and business plan for the next 5 years to achieve total financial freedom and have a growing company that will exceed 20% increase this financial year. I know my purpose in life and am happy sharing it through my work, family and leadership of my team in our company. AND – my relationship with my husband is wonderful. I am 100% committed to my wonderful life, path and future.”"
Catherine Prentice


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